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Insert Coin To Play is actively involved in organizing and facilitating events and opportunities for youth,  from a large range of technologies and experiences.

Social Opportunities

We support regular video game events throughout the country on a routine basis, providing  opportunities for youth to engage and interact socially, situating around a common interest. A sense of community is derived from active involvement of participants, driving further development of social skills.



We have the resources necessary to support educational experiences and qualifications to schools and children throughout the country, involving many subjects regarding technology, such as; building your own computer, learning operating systems and software packages, computer networking and robotics.



We support grass-roots roots initiatives for the multi-billion dollar industry that is 'Electronic Sports', in which we provide the competition, hardware access and development of this industry locally.


E-Waste Reduction

A vast majority of our machines for the purposes of our charitable aims are redundant corporate  machines, which we have intercepted from waste disposal, and have repurposed for our requirements, extending their service life.


Healthy Gaming and Online Safety

We support numerous opportunities for both children and parents to learn more about technology, and the associated risks. We also strive to educate healthy practices associated with video gaming, such as moderation and positive lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise. 


Youth Mentoring

We are actively involved with various government institutions, such as Oranga Tamariki and the Open Home Foundation, to provide the resources and expertise for a more modern approach to Youth Mentoring involving technology and the digital interests of children involved in their organisations.



Our large scale events and popular demand of the activities we are able to provide enables us to be a popular choice as a fundraising initiative, allowing us and all others involved to further drive and facilitate charitable objectives.


Suicide Awareness, Prevention, and Counselling

The advantages our approach to technology brings, allows us to  connect with vulnerable youth much more effectively, as we strive to create forums for youth to interact and engage with counsellors more consistently.


Access to Technologies

Our acquisition of modern technologies in the vast quantities we demonstrate allows us to provide access for all youths, by providing all the necessary hardware and expertise to facilitate this objective. This is accomplished through large scale public events, right down to providing technologies directly to impoverished homes.


Employment Upskilling

Event's we've supported have broken records; with some of the largest events of their kind in New Zealand history, while entirely dependant on a labour force consisting of High-School volunteers.


Regional Investment and Growth

Our vision is the transformation of New Zealand into the greatest place for youth on earth, wishing to pursue technological careers digital experiences, by assisting in the development of regional infrastructure for this purpose.


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